Our Philosophy: Bodywork for the Soul


As human beings, we all have a deep desire for purpose and meaning in life. We seek intimate connection with some face of Spirit and with one another. Sometimes we fulfill these desires imperfectly, while other times we ignore the desire, lose the sense of connection, or it may feel as if it has been taken from our grasp.

One phrase we have found useful to describe this search is ‘soulful struggle.’ Bodywork for the Soul describes our approach to being present with you through this struggle toward peace, toward joy or in whatever direction you feel you need to go.

Sometimes we become aware of these struggles simply in moving through life’s stages. In young adulthood, we search for identity and begin to create our careers and families. In mid-life, we experience shifting relationships and belief issues. In later years, we may develop health challenges and introspective wisdom. These struggles may also be brought to awareness by life crises such as illness, abuse, addiction, job loss or the death of a loved one.

We are committed to the belief that we all wrestle with these concerns on physical as well as emotional and spiritual levels. As we experience this wrestling, we carry its effects in our tissues as tightness, tension, pain, heightened emotion, or even simply by holding ourselves too stiffly. We may also be unconscious of what our bodies are telling us.

Massage, in its various forms, helps the body and soul move in the direction of release, resolution, and vitality. This movement happens by bringing unconscious symptoms into our awareness, by fostering the self-healing abilities of our bodies, and by encouraging the capacities we all have for health, wholeness, and well being.

This remains true whether you are in the middle of soulful struggle or you experience balance, joy or peace in your life. This also remains true whether your body feels exhausted, in pain, or whether you are in optimum health.

It is our deepest intention to enrich your health in body and soul through the power of human touch.

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