Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear during the massage?

For many, but not all types of full body massages, you will be asked to remove clothing only to your level of comfort. Massage is conducted in a private room in which the therapist is never present when you are dressing or undressing and a sheet will cover you throughout the entire session. The therapist will only expose the area being treated. This will insure the modesty is respected at all times.

Should I shower immediately before a massage appointment?

Not necessarily. Normal good hygiene is expected, so feel free to come as you are from work, home, or school.

I’m a private/shy person: is massage for me?

Probably yes. Your therapist will customize your experience to your needs. You are in charge of your session at all times and can choose what you wear, what areas of your body receive therapy, etc. As with other healthcare workers, your therapist encounters many different body types and physical and emotional conditions and is required by law to keep client information confidential.

How much does it cost?

Rates vary by therapist. 

Are massage sessions covered by insurance?

Increasingly yes, with a prescription from an appropriate healthcare provider, but you are required to pay your therapist at the time of your session and submit your insurance claim yourself.

Are there different kinds of massage?

Yes. Massage therapists licensed in Ohio, such as therapists at Stillpoint are required to know Swedish massage which is the most common type in the U.S. Your therapist has been trained in a number of different massage and manual therapies. Check out the Body Work section of our Website.

What kind of massage should I get?

The one that is most likely to facilitate the results you desire! If you are interested in a particular type of massage you can request that. If not, your massage therapist will suggest an approach using the techniques they feel most likely to help you achieve the results you want.

How do I arrange to receive a massage?

Massages are by appointment only. If you have selected a therapist then call or e-mail them. If you would like help selecting a therapist then call 489-5302, ext. 0 or e-mail us at If you are currently in discomfort and would like the earliest available therapist then call 489-5302, ext. #0 and someone will respond promptly.

Are walk-in appointments accepted?

Not generally. Though they are theoretically possible, it would be rare to walk in and find a therapist available to provide treatment for you, within a reasonable time without arranging for this by phone.

Is Stillpoint the best place for me to get a massage?

We believe so! Stillpoint is a community of experienced licensed massage therapists and licensed-to-touch bodyworkers working together to continually improve themselves to facilitate the well-being of their clients in a beautiful relaxing setting that is intended as a sanctuary for the whole physical, emotional, and spiritual composition of each individual.

Are checks or credit/debit cards accepted?

Stillpoint therapists now accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and checks.

To be effective, how often should I receive a massage?

Some clients feel that their goals are best served by a regular weekly massage (Bob Hope reportedly receives a daily massage). Some start off with a weekly massage to help attain their goals and then schedule regular massages on a less frequent timetable. Some schedule them on an as needed basis. A rule of thumb in bodywork is that to best maintain its effect between sessions the interval should be no more than 3 weeks.

What should I expect?

An initial visit will usually include questions from your therapist about your physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress level, your goals in receiving a massage, and any areas of pain or concern. Answers to these questions are usually recorded on a written form. All client information is kept confidential. Your therapist will then suggest a session plan to meet your individual needs. Additional time should be allowed on the initial visit for this process.