Medicine of the Heart – Cacao Ceremony with Kirtan

Cacao Ceremony with Kirtan

Led by JoJo Silverman
Saturday October 1st 1-5pm

Ceremony Vision

Medicine of the Heart employs the ancient remedies of Cacao and Kirtan as our faithful assistants on a powerful vibratory journey to reconnect and remember who we truly are.

Before the advent of commercial chocolate, cacao seeds were prepared as a ceremonial drink within many indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica. When used in ceremony, cacao acts as a gentle, yet powerful, assistant to stimulate the pineal gland and open the heart. The effect helps to increase sensitivity to subtle energies and facilitate connection.

Reclaiming chocolate medicine in this way, while sitting together with intention, holding sacred space, is a powerful way to transform our reality and to feel the love and support that is always present within us. It is of great importance in this day and age to take time out – even for an afternoon – and to remember this place of sweetness and alignment.

Going home to this place together in a group, amplifies the experience and can have a deep and lasting effect on our consciousness. This experience, of allowing ourselves to fill up, as we sit in the company of our reflected truth, is called Satsanga.

Cacao Ceremony Details

Note: It is recommended that you eat very lightly (or not at all) prior to the ceremony to allow for full absorption of cacao.

Chocolate, as it’s commonly called, is a safe and legal plant medicine that can be an amazing assistant and catalyst in our Self-Realization. This Heart-Activation journey includes a potent dose of Dr Cacao’s ceremonial grade, hand-peeled, lightly roasted heirloom cacao formula.

Journeyers will learn more about chocolate as medicine and how to use it.

(*Cacao consumption is not required for participation.*)

Registration and Details

Please bring the following:

~your favorite mug and a stirrer
~cushion or pillows to sit on
~ceremonial garb (optional)
~sacred items for altar (optional)
~a journal (optional)
~instrument or voice for medicine song to share (optional)
~your own Self’s medicine and focused presence!

$44-$55 suggested love offering.


Do not use these formulas if you have a major heart condition, if you are taking antidepressants (esp. Mao inhibitors), or if you are pregnant. Do not mix with alcohol or other stimulants. Cacao is toxic to Dogs, Cats, horses and other animals. Keep away from your pets!

Dr Cacao’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao Formulas will be available for purchase following the ceremony.


For ceremony questions email JoJo at:

Private Healing Sessions

JoJo will be available for individual healing sessions on Sunday October 2nd. To schedule a private healing session contact JoJo:

About JoJo

A student of yoga, meditation and kirtan for over 20 years, JoJo Silverman, has a deep passion for combining the power of these sacred tools with intentional ceremony, and strives to reinstate the value of ritual in the rhythm of our culture.


Oct 01 2022


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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