Jayne Cardell

Jayne Cardell

Jayne offers enriching sessions for self healing with yoga, Ayurveda, and art; with a native flair.

Jayne is YogahOMe certified and has been a facilitator of yoga for 11 years, she also apprenticed in Shamanic Earth-based yoga for 7 years, Blyss Studio owner for 4 years, and is in an ongoing self study of Ayurvedic exploration through crystals, tone, sensory visualization, and energy flow.

Jayne is able to assess Dosha type and utilize the tools of Ayurvedic principle to help identify imbalances and offer a grounded, earth-based approach to keep us coming back to center, to relieve stress and greater traumas.

Individual and group sessions available by appointment and tailored to your needs or the needs of your group. Jayne has experience with all ages and body types; assessing our likeness as the elements blend together.

Contact: 513.516.7366

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