(Family Constellation)

This phenomenological release of inherited issues, developed by Bert Hellinger out of both Jungian psychology and African ritual, allows for profound movement in the psyche of the client. It is also known as the family constellation approach to effective decision making concerning physical illness, psychological conditions, addictions, relationship concerns, and many other “life issues”. In this simple process, people represent the non-present components of the decision making puzzle.

Subtly and inexorably, we are connected to our family members, whether living or passed.

Oftentimes, components of their difficulties, known to us or not, dwell within our current lives. The configurations in an Aufstellung session reveal the new reality that the events in one’s own life may be influenced by an unconscious thread which connects one to those who have gone before.

Aufstellung can be affirming in a matter-of-fact way, deeply moving and/or life altering. It is a manner of understanding current issues and problems, even if they seem to have no solution. The configuration and the insights they offer can anchor us into an alternative to the patterns that many of us have relied on, such as anger, blame, self-doubt, illness, addiction, feeling invisible, chronic physical symptoms, repeated accidents, recurring financial problems, and many others. While these reactions may be most familiar, they do not offer effective problem solving, nor enduring relief.

This systematic approach allows people to reconnect, or connect for the first time, with ancestral lineage, in order to harvest sources of strength within the family and inside oneself. This realignment brings with it the possibility to bring inner release. Looking at one’s own system will afford one the opportunity to see with new eyes which events in one’s inherent history may be influenced by an unconscious thread connecting one to those whose DNA one already manifests.

By looking beneath the surface, issues, conflicts and pressures that created imbalances within one’s life become apparent, and a new path towards resolution is found.

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