Rites of Passage

The changes in our lives—biological, social, and emotional—are milestones that need to be acknowledged.

Births, deaths, unions, and accomplishments, have been ritualized and ceremonialized in all cultures. It’s important to design these ceremonies from our hearts and our deepest understanding of the way our lives and the lives of others are affected by these changes.

Without acknowledgment, sometimes the changes don’t sink in to the soul level, and we keep repeating initiations, trying to get the acknowledgment from the soul, that we need.

A ceremony should be serious and fun, respectful and playful, lighthearted and openhearted. With the help of spirit, we design what is called for, for the specific occasion.

Stillpoint Center offers the facilitation of personalized ceremonies for all important occasions.

A woman in a blindfold stands in a field with her arms outstretched.

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