SCIO Biofeedback

SCIO is a quantum based device​. It is a small quantum field generator hooked to a standard laptop computer. The laptop houses the rather massive software which facilitates the conversation between the SCIO operator and the device.

The device can report to the operator the condition of the various systems in the client’s body, and the operator can tell the SCIO which areas of the body need these energies. This involves suggesting the frequencies of healthy tissues, encouraging the body to repair itself.

SCIO can also be used as a resonance indicator. There are more than 10,000 items in SCIO’s database, and the beginning of each session involves SCIO asking the client, energetically, the same question over and over: Would this substance make you stronger?

We would get the same answers if we had used applied kinesiology, but much faster; we can obtain percentages of resonance for the 10,000-plus items in about three minutes. This makes it particularly useful with small children, who often cannot give us much verbal information about their symptoms.

Because the device has been developed out of quantum mechanics, a branch of physics in which space can be mathematically eliminated, SCIO can help the operator do long-distance sessions. This makes it valuable with animals, who would be uncomfortable leaving their familiar home, and with anyone who cannot travel, including, for example, someone who does not wish to drive in icy conditions.

A SCIO session is especially useful if the nature of the issue is unclear, and we simply need more information in order to decide how to proceed. Most people find a SCIO session relaxing, informative, detoxifying, and clarifying.

SCIO biofeedback session.

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