Universal Frequency Codes

The Sanskrit word dukham means literally “bad axle space,” a reference to an improperly attached cartwheel, which leads to a bumpy ride. It can also be translated “a bone twisted out of its socket.” The most common translation is “suffering,” the widespread condition of the Kali Yuga.

Perhaps it is merely coincidence that the first bones below the skulls of most humans lie in an asymmetrical position, neither synchronized with the skull above nor with the axis (the second cervical bone) below—sort of like an improperly fitted wheel and axle. Yet in a quantum universe… there is no such thing as coincidence.

Gentle suggestions to the human energy system, using a very ancient language of vowels and tones, can stimulate the bio-electric field in such a way that the torque is spontaneously relieved. In the faint dawn of Dwapara Yuga, this new possibility has been allowed to enter into physicality, having slept through the previous age.

Releasing this area where the head meets the neck relaxes the entire system. Most human beings are born with substantial spinal tension (due to the improperly fitted “wheel”) which creates a wringing effect upon the spinal cord. Using a specific sequence of tones or codes, the ancient language offers an alternative energetic condition to the status quo and invites the spontaneous unwinding of this area.

A Gentle Realignment

The process is safe, gentle, and non-invasive, without any manual manipulation. It is appropriate for young children, and can produce greater symmetry than what was formed in the womb. After a woman experiences this application, all children born to her do not need this protocol since they emerge with the new symmetry already completed. This often makes for children with precocious movement. Numerous examples of this include an infant who could easily lift and turn her head moments after birth and a toddler who walked unassisted at the age of seven months.

A practitioner immediately noticed the difference in a baby born to a mother who had had the procedure: “He moves his head in a graceful way and with an obvious head-body connection. Also his neck is quite strong for his age; and his whole spine is both strong and integrated. The atlas work lessens the need to manually support an infant’s head. It will become apparent that other skills are developing faster too, such as manual dexterity and speech.”

The Spine Connects the Body

The spinal configuration affects everything within the human body beginning with the foramen magnum, the hole in the back of the skull which allows passage of the spinal cord. This profound release and newfound freedom can be observed in obvious postural improvements, lengthening of the neck, greater symmetry in the pelvis, shoulders, and skull, and increased blood flow to the brain and face.

The human body is then more able to heal itself, frequently after a period of detoxification. After what we call the “installation” of the atlas (since before the entry of these codes, the bone was so crooked that the joint did not function properly and could be considered “offline”), cleansing of various organ systems proceeds spontaneously, due to the increased flow of prana in the spinal column.  If needed, the organs can be further detoxified and upgraded through the offering of further sets of codes.

The atlanto-occiputal joint, where the head connects with the neck, is an important junction for cerebral nerves, descending nerves, movement of spinal fluid, and ascending flow of blood. Any spinal tension which begins here creates restriction, reducing circulation to the brain, and may result in faulty transmission of information between the brain and the body. This creates disorder in the natural balance of the various systems. Since sensory organs, organs of equilibrium, and all interior viscera must interface with the brain, the lessening of pressure in this area can relax the organs. The profound opening of the sushumna can help relieve a lengthy list of difficulties.

Many cases of neck and back pain are also assisted by the first level of these codes. Not only is the physical system affected, but emotional patterns and overall mental state are also improved. By releasing the inherent holding pattern in the upper neck, we create better head-to-body connection. Increased self-awareness, relaxation, and overall well-being can be achieved. This allows for more profound meditations, and for inner silence to penetrate the body. Mentally and emotionally, it allows for greater sense of freedom, centeredness, and grounding.

Experiencing a New Reality

Based in this new experience of reality, decision making has much more clarity, and the spirit, qi, or vital force, is more able to act and to be felt. Not only is there usually a slight literal increase in height, but for many there is also an intensified feeling or experience of one’s auric field rising far above the physical head. This can give one a new perspective, as though one were much taller or could perceive the world from a higher vantage point.

Part of one’s journey towards enlightenment is to bring the fine heavenly energy down from the crown through the body to the earth and also to channel the nurturing earthly energy up from the feet, offering it to the sky. Anything that we can do to open our central core to this connection is helpful to our purpose. By opening the brain-body junction, we step anatomically into the arena of the greater potential that we already sense deeply and intuitively.

For many, mental chatter decreases and there is more profound dialogue with the higher self or divinity within. We are more able to download our intention for incarnation and manifest our desires. The full development of the brain is an essential element in achieving our loftiest spiritual potential. The experience of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings in communication with and having conscious influence upon all levels of our world awaits us just around the bend. We have been waiting a very long time for this. Now is the time and here is the invitation.

Balancing with universal frequency codes is based on vowels and tones that carry specific frequencies in a familiar, recognizable language into the body.  These messages create an opening for the innate wisdom to bring the body systems back into harmony and balance. Specific sound waves are able to bring the instruction to the body on a different wave length than that of chemicals.

Sound can and will have a direct influence on every cell, every organ and especially on muscles, nerves, bones and structure of the spinal column. Therefore, it’s not astonishing that sounds, uttered by a human voice, have a very deep impact on all levels of our being.

The organs, the tissues, even metabolism and thought structures, all of them have their specific light and quantum frequencies as well as informational structures.  Once the universal frequency codes are installed, it enables maximum performance of the other energy medicine modalities.

Quan Yin in a garden.

Beverly Welbourne Discusses Universal Frequency Codes

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